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IKEA - families are different

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The reason is simple - the brand shown on the pages of his publication's what everyone knows: the family are different and different from each other not only by income levels, the degree of happiness of family life and the desire or unwillingness to have children, and sexual orientation.


That is the family of Jan (Ian) and Steve (Steve) IKEA portrayed in the pages of 54-57 IKEA Family Live 2008 Winter (Fig.), Together with the interior of their homes and comments on the details and design decisions. The result - the mass of responses and a variety of points of view.

That's what Carolina said Horoschakova (Karolina Horoszczakov?), A representative of the Public Relations IKEA Poland, commenting on this wave of interest:

"Homosexuality - is one of the aspects of life in modern society. We see no reasons why IKEA should ignore it. "

Consider the stylish home of Jan and Steve in the details, you can here.

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