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IKEA has published its results for the fiscal year 2010

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The IKEA Group develops and strengthens its financial position - net profit for the fiscal year 2010 6,1% rose and amounted 2,7 billion euros.

Revenues for the fiscal year 2010 7,7% rose and amounted 23,1 billion euros. Net profit for the 2010 IKEA fiscal year (to September 1 2009 31, on August 2010 years) increased by 6,1% compared with the previous period, reaching 2,7 billion euros. This significant result was achieved thanks to the growth in sales, an increase in gross profit and optimize the cost structure of the company.

"2010 fiscal year has been very successful financially - sales volumes have grown significantly, despite the difficult situation in the markets of many countries. The received profit gives us the resources necessary for further development on existing and development of new markets, as well as for lowering prices. The bulk of the profits were reinvested in existing and also in 12 new stores, so that IKEA products become more affordable and attractive for our customers. In a difficult economic period, people value the value for money of functional and affordable goods for home improvement even more. That is why we are enthusiastically continuing our work, "says Ikea Group President Michael Olsson.

In accordance with the long-term sustainable development strategy, in the 2010 fiscal year, IKEA continued to invest in the use of renewable energy sources. The number of solar cells used has almost doubled. In addition, IKEA is the owner of 52 wind turbines. During the 2010 year, IKEA sent 45 million euros to social projects. The IKEA Charitable Foundation funds programs aimed at protecting the rights of children and young people in developing countries, as well as providing them with the opportunity to create a better future for themselves and their families. The goal of these projects is to support 2015 millions of children by the year of 100.

According to IKEA.

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