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Say "No!" To women in the catalogs for Saudi Arabia

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According to the publication The Local, IKEA, known furniture manufacturer from Sweden, has decided to remove all photos of women recently released from a handout released to the market in Saudi Arabia.

The main number of circulation catalogs in question are similar to each other, with the exception of those targeted at the average consumer of Saudi Arabia. In such catalogs, according to the newspaper, the photos of all women placed by the publisher will be retouched. For example, if we open the IKEA catalog, released for the Swedish market, on one of the pages we will see a mother with a child, and on the same page an identical catalog for consumers in Saudi Arabia, the child will be shown alone.


Moreover, the very fact angers retouch photos on the site participating in the project, which developed the design of home furniture line called PS.



Swedish trade minister Eva Björling, who holds the office of Swedish trade minister, gave an interview that reflected her negative attitude towards what is happening. Having said it, she stressed that it is impossible not to pay attention to what really exists in our minds, referring to women all over the world. The minister expressed criticism about such disrespect for a woman as an individual. Saudi Arabia, which is famous for its unlawful attitude towards the female part of the population, causes indignation, both among women and men, in most of the modern world. Such obsolete stereotypes not only can not be understood and justified, they are absolutely unacceptable in our day. After all, men and women should not have an advantage over each other because of the difference in gender and physiology.

What is happening forced to speak and lawyer named Claes Borgstrom, known for his ardent speeches and statements on the subject of gender equality. His constructive criticism on this subject in relation to the inhabitants of Sweden was particularly tough on with 2000 2007 year. As a staunch defender of the rights of modern women, a lawyer not only expressed his point of view, but also stressed that he was in any case not support IKEA in reaching this decision.



He said that the people of Sweden have come out in defense of the existing and generally accepted principles of ethical content. In this case, the performance was directed attention as top managers of large companies, and managers of companies working in the field of small business. Marketing and management should be conducted in such a direction that is not emphasized inequality in the society by gender and other characteristics. And discrimination is absolutely inappropriate.

The simplest and at the same time dramatically solution would be not to supply furniture for the market of Saudi Arabia. This will be a kind of protest against the practices that are contrary to the ethical principles of the inhabitants of any country.

Not earlier last week, the Swedish furniture manufacturer decided to remove the image of followers Pussy Riot, Put your photos in order to take part in the competition. Site Administration explained this act reluctance to support communities, show no respect to politics or religion.

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