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Emergency shelter Solar from IKEA

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ikea-for-refugeesThe latest innovation IKEA were new and comfortable homes with solar panels. The target consumers of these buildings are mostly victims of disasters, refugees and other people, for one reason or another deprived of shelter. IKEA Foundation building was designed with the assistance of the Office of the High Commissioner UN for Refugees.

Earlier IDPs supplied only traditional tents or shelter provided in various converted buildings. Now that offered a more compact and comfortable option, the situation will reach a new level.

IKEA has decided to participate in nanotechnology, through the production of houses on Solar Powered. These homes are composed of plastic and are packaged in a flat container in disassembled form. This solution seems pretty reasonable for safe and convenient transportation to the construction site. The house has unsophisticated design and 17 square area. m. The assembly of the structure take no more than four hours. Calculated structure for five people, and its size exceeds the area of ​​tents for refugees.

Shelter for refugees

The highlight of most of the houses - solar panels, which are able to generate electricity and to minimize the use of kerosene lamps or candles. The roof of the house has the ability to reflect the sun's heat and helps to maintain the required temperature during the day.

House for refugees inside

It is expected that the "pen test" Installation of new homes from IKEA will happen in the near future Ethiopia.

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