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ikea-premises1 September 2013 years as CEO and president of the company IKEA was appointed Peter Agnefell, Who is the director of retail network in Sweden. It is known that, in the last year Agnefell prepared to have to learn new powers from his, now predecessor - Mikael Olsson. Olsson, in turn, is in no hurry to part with the company now had responsibilities advisor.

Career Peter Agnefellya to IKEA began in 1995 year when he joined the company as manager of the store. Through 10 years he became a store manager in Italy, and after some more time - the director of retail network Sweden.

According to Joran Grosskopf, Chairman of IKEA's parent company - IngaHoldingBV, Agneffjell, focusing on financial efficiency, will be able to ensure a stable market situation and its growth for the company. His leadership qualities will help maintain the leading position of the corporation.

The new president plans to increase the availability of goods and thereby increase sales volumes to 2020 year. He says that, although the company occupies a small share of the market, however, it allows management to financial sustainability plan for the future.   

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