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Pictures of IKEAIKEA and the United Nations Children's Fund have again decided to make the world a kinder place. What does it mean? The Swedish manufacturer invites all customers of IKEA stores to take part in charity the action, which is traditionally held every year. This year it will be held under the title “Helping those who dream of learning”. Each soft toy or children's book bought in the period from October 27, 2013 to January 5, 2014 in IKEA stores will help IKEA transfer about 40 rubles (an amount equivalent to 1 euro) to the Children's Fund (UNICEF) in order to support various educational projects.
Especially for the above shares IKEA expand its product range: all the shops will be new fairy-tale characters. Children can play with them and make their own puppet shows performances by a magical world of adventure. Kind support for the irrepressible imagination of the younger generation - a tale of the Swedish writer Ulf Stark called "The Princess and happiness." Stock for the implementation of books and soft toys is international and this year it has been held in 11-th time, and in all countries where the IKEA stores. According to statistics, in the Russian Federation buyers take it very actively involved for over 10 years.
Drawing contest
Last year, Russia has occupied I place in the number of goods sold, participating in the promotion: customers IKEA stores in Russia bought about 1.180.000 toys. As a result, the action was collected amounting to $ 47 million rubles, which sent it to create conditions for education in Africa and Asia. Head retailer IKEA in the Russian Federation on behalf of Walter Kadnar noted that the charity event "Help those who want to learn"Represents one of the most important social initiatives.
Charity event from IKEA
The total amount that the company IKEA sent to charitable projects in 45 the world, with 2003 totaled about 57 million euros or more 2 billion rubles equivalent. IKEA is sincerely grateful to the protesters for their contribution to the formation of the younger generation. By tradition within the campaign in shopping centers IKEA will be held competition "Draw the toy of their dreams!", In which all can participate, children whose parents have a club membership IKEA FAMILY. The young participants will be asked to draw their favorite fairy tale characters, and then everyone will be able to vote for their work on the site at: Through each child's drawing IKEA will be able to list on 40 rubles for various charitable projects of the local scale. The winner will receive as a gift a real toy, manufactured by IKEA, drawing sketch young artists. Last year the competition was attended by almost 2800 child. The winner was recognized Catherine Lukashina from Kazan (5 years), which drew a pink rabbit.

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