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IKEA territory in "Gravity"

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GravitationIKEA today in a separate needs no introduction. But recently, the network has rollerWhich is further proof of the popularity of the Swedish brand. The fact that he was shot in burlesque vein. But, as you know, is a parody of a unique symbol of recognition and further popularization.

Home Video American comedian Daniel Hubbard is based on the story of the trailer for the film directed by Alfonso Cuaron "Gravitation". As befits one or two minute video presenting the whole picture, showing the most juicy and highlights of the film. Start pop-up trailer noted phrases that explain the inability to survive in outer space. In parallel, we see two astronauts who admire the sunrise indescribable. And then ... there was an explosion, flying debris - space station destroyed. Only two American astronauts left alone with the cosmos. Together, they will somehow return to Earth.

Daniel Habbart, who starred in the video as a young man, moved the action to one of IKEA stores. Young couple goes there to make a purchase. «346 square feet, on which it is impossible to navigate. Not a minute of silence. Mobile communication fails. The space is too large. Life at IKEA impossible "- that such phrases precede the action itself. They roam the halls and admire illustrative created using furniture and accessories IKEA interiors. And here comes the unexpected - a girl lost in shop. She begins to panic, her cell discharge and all that she can, is to ask the young man to buy everything you need, even if it something happens.

In fact, the effect of video and still looks ridiculous. Indeed, in IKEA stores is difficult to get lost. Numerous signs simply will not let you do that.

The company's management has not commented on videoAnd one of the employees in the social network pointed out that IKEA has received free PR, although video and can be seen as anti-advertising.

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