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Financial analytics-2013

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IKEA FlagsFinancial analysts IKEA summed up the past year. They were quite significant, moreover, before the company opened new horizons. Let's see what they did. So, for 2013 year, according to the company's management, revenue It was increased by 3,2%, when compared with the previous fiscal year. The company's profit amounted to EUR 28,5 billion, including the Russian Federation its sales rose 18%.

Net profit IKEA for the year rose to 2013 3,3 billion euro mark and amounted to 3,1%. Total profit, without taking into account rental income from shopping centers totaled EUR 27,9 billion. According to the plan of IKEA, to 2020 year total revenue IKEA should be at least 50 billion (euros) per year. Today, an important source of IKEA - large markets, for example, two shops companies in China was opened in the year 2013. Sales increased even in "difficult" areas, such as Southern Europe.

IKEA Development Map

Russian network the company consists of 14 points located in shopping centers "Mega". On the profit of the Russian division of the company is known not so much. But there is evidence that the number of visitors to IKEA stores in the Russian Federation increased by 4%, which amounted to 63,9 million. "MEGA" Shopping for the last year visited 261 million customers and total sales amounted to about tenants 10%.
According to published in the report According to IKEA, by the end of the year on the Russian Federation had to 7% of global sales. Therefore, it is easy to calculate that the proceeds of the Swedish manufacturer in Russia for the last financial year It was about 1,99 billion euros.

IKEA in Russia

Total world IKEA investment group 2013 for the year amounted to (euro) billion 1,9. 2014 Throughout the year the company will invest in the opening of new production areas and shopping centers, as well as a lot of attention will be paid to renewable energy projects. They will spend about € 2,5 billion.

According to the end of August 2013, the company IKEA owns 305 stores located in 26 the world.

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