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IKEA and the environmentIt's no news that IKEA always cares for Environment And this is one of the "fad" of the concept of the Swedish manufacturer. The company's management, in particular the financial director of the company IKEA Rob Olson, regards the investment of large funds in the extraction of energy from natural resources, as an investment in ourselves, in humanity. Wind and solar resources are almost endless, and if IKEA will use them as much as possible, it will save everyone from at least some of the harmful emissions to the atmosphere that are currently being carried out by energy companies. It is planned that by the year of 2020, the IKEA office located in the United States should begin work on developing energy from the sun and wind in the quantities required for domestic consumption.

It is for the purposes expressed above in Illinois has already begun building wind power entitled "Hupston". At the power plant turbines 49 from the company Vesta, according to calculations, they will issue 98 megawatts of electricity. At the moment it is about 10% of the total amount of energy consumption, which consumes Corporation IKEA, and if we assume that according to the cost of electricity in the United States - 130%.


Company ACE (America), which is developing energy from renewable resources, is the construction and then will be engaged in the operation of the complex, said that in the first half of the year 2015 wind power will turn on full power.

Solar panels

After the implementation of the launch station "Hupston"It will be the property of IKEA. We already know about the plans of IKEA to purchase and install 206 such turbines worldwide. Presumably, that priority investments will be made in the energy sector in Canada and some European countries. Until next year for these purposes will be spent quite a serious amount of $ 2mlrd.

Solar panels IKEA

To date, almost all buildings owned or leased by IKEA, which are located in nine countries, installed or installed solar panels in total 550 thousand. units. By the way, the US solar panels installed on 90% of objects in 20 States.

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