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IKEA wins new niche

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IKEA and EcologyBlack holes, global warming, consumption on a large scale resource Mrs. nature ... It is slowly but surely leads to the development and the development of alternative methods of obtaining energyAnd other types of resources and materials. Many large companies have already embarked on this path for a long time.

The company has already been established for sale solar panels. We wrote about it earlier. Though still only in Britain, but the management hopes to eventually expand the geography of sales. Near Chicago IKEA to build a wind farm, which will cover 165% -s' energy requirement for production in the US. This would amount to 18% of the world's energy consumption ikeeevskih. Not bad right? And the farther the more. 2020 year IKEA announced himself to strip out on 100% th level of required energy from renewable sources. But that's not all.

Solar panels

2008-oh was a year out of sales plastic bags. In the autumn, the Swedish manufacturer 2014 completely converted to biodegradable bags and his famous blue reusable bags. Switching from incandescent light bulbs to use LEDs and fluorescent lamps already passed stage for IKEA, but grow a forest that covers the needs of manufacturing and more, to be 2020 year.

In many of his "green" ideas IKEA performed pioneer. And now it repeats again this way. The company, which produces furniture and home accessories develops new market, announced the launch of sales FOLKVÄNLIG - electric bicycle.

Electric Bike

While his plan to sell in a few Austrian stores. Some of its features:

  • lightweight aluminum frame and weight in kg 27;
  • model with male and female boarding;
  • charge on 60-70 km casual drive;
  • fully charged from a household outlet for 5-o'clock

White handsome man with green insert the frame will cost in the future owners of € 749 1026 or about conventional units in dollar terms. Provided a nice bonus for members IKEA Family - discount € 100.

Something about electric bikes

This type of transport, such as electric bicycle, is gaining popularity. From his younger brother his distinguished only by the presence of the battery, the controller and the actual of the electric motor. In motion it can cause rotation of the pedals. In operation no more complicated than a normal bike.

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