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Increase in annual sales by China

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IKEA logoAs of August of this year, sales 2014 IKEA for the current financial year rose 3%. As a rule, the date of the end of the financial year is considered 31 of August. Thus, the total annual revenue amounted 28,7 billion euros, which is equivalent to the percentage indicator in 3,6%. The most successful exponent of the group IKEA rightly recognized Chinese market. However, a good sales growth showed and North America, is not far behind in this respect, and Europe, which also improved its performance, as reported by the company, however, did not clarify the exact sales growth figures within individual markets.

Note that a little earlier made a statement about the IKEA plans to double revenue to the year to 2020 50 figures in billions of euros, by opening new stores and the pursuit of sales growth in the already opened shopping centers, as well as through the development of Online Trading.

Shopping center MEGA

It is planned that on the way to achieving this goal Russia will play an important role, according to the director of the Swedish company in Russia at the beginning of Walter Kadnaru 2014 years. Russian sales offices IKEA for the year increased by 2013 18% to a level 76,4 billion rubles. In 2016, the management of the company plans to launch online trading on the territory of the Russian Federation. And by the way, the steps to this have already been made in the form of a test run online project in the city Omsk. But the discovery of new "conventional" stores and shopping centers do not put "the cornerstone". On the characteristics and preferences of its expansion in Russia Swedish manufacturer announced at the beginning of the year 2012. For the next three to five years, the company will focus on the development of a Moscow region and ways to improve existing stores. By the beginning of the year 2014 IKEA in Russia prinalezhalo their 14.

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