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Draw toys dreams - an annual event from IKEA

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Children's competition from IKEAAs part of the charity event, which is held every year under the name of "helping those who want to learn," this year with 9 16 November will be a competition "Draw the toy of your dreams!". As a result of this competition will create toys that will protopipami for real IKEA toys. Designer toys can become absolutely any child under the age of 12 years. Moreover, the action covers all countries where there are IKEA stores. Incidentally, identical action It has already passed last year.

Organizer of the competition - the club IKEA FAMILY shoppers. Children draw Stuffed ToysWhich will then be published on a special Online... Everyone who wants to vote will be able to do this by choosing the work they like most. The 20 best drawings, according to the voting participants, will be sent to Elmhult, Sweden, where the IKEA division will develop a range of IKEA products, according to the selected works. The jury will narrow the selection down to 10 drawings. As a result, based on these drawings They will create toys that will go on sale by autumn of the year 2015. For each drawing IKEA FAMILY club promises to transfer a local charity on 100 rubles.

Draw toy

The purpose of the competition - Support for children's educational projects in Asia, Africa, Eastern and Central Europe. The charity campaign is already 12-th time. Contributions to IKEA for the entire period of the campaign account for more than 67 million euros. And thanks to the Russians sent in the IKEA Foundation UNICEF Children's education about 1 216 742 euros.

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    Tamara B.

    12.11.2014 01:25 | #
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    Great action, and indeed all who begins to Ikea. The main thing that the money goes to charity spine, to where they are needed the most!
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    21.11.2014 09:59 | #
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    Thank you for the tender. My daughter took part in it. Very pleasant and unexpected surprise were gifts for participating. You big fellows that organize charity s shares. I wish you prosperity!

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