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Delicious and healthy food: vegetarian meatballs

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Vegetarian menu at IKEAIn an effort to expand the range of healthy food for their customers IKEA offers a delicious and environmentally friendly food. Food service companies are constantly engaged in the development range, including proposals that meet the tastes of customers. The new proposal IKEA in this field: vegetable meatballs. This product does not contain animal ingredients and is suitable for people who follow a vegetarian. 

Press-service of the company IKEA announced that innovation would be introduced in the menu 1 May this year. Vegetable meatballs already received popularly known as "vegadelki." They consist exclusively of vegetable and produced using technologies that have minimum impact on the environment

The composition of vegetable meatballs are peas, corn, carrots, cabbage, peppers, spices and chickpeas. In the portion includes 10 meatballs, served with ratatouille and Napoli. It is expected that next year the company will introduce frozen meatballs on sale.

Vegetarian food at IKEA

Manual IKEA believes that by vegetarian dishes sales in restaurants will increase. Vegetable meatballs are analogous to traditional meat balls. They received the official name GRÖNSAKSBULLAR. This company had been hatching the idea for a long time, and the vegetarian customers of IKEA restaurants were waiting.

Cecils - Is one of the most popular products from IKEA, their sales make up 150 million. Sometimes they are called at all the reason of visiting shopping centers. And so, in order to preserve the environment (avoiding the carbon emissions into the atmosphere) and of respect for the interests of the vegetarians, there is finally a "green" version of meatballs. 

New IKEA meatballs

A spokesman for IKEA expressed the view that sale should not be affected by the introduction of innovation, but on the contrary, because the usual meatballs will continue to be realized. Moreover, perhaps soon will be other meatballs, for example, from chicken. 

Recall that in 2013 was a scandal concerning the fact that in meatballs sold in restaurants companies have found horse meat. As a result, the meatballs were withdrawn from sale. 

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