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With wind speed: renewed energy

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Ecology IKEABusiness IKEA has become completely independent of energy, after it has been put into operation the third wind power plant. Today already built 46 wind turbines in Sweden. IKEA has gone in the footsteps of fellow Canadian, who introduced a similar experience in 2014 year. Electricity is produced for the company's operational needs from renewable sources.

IKEA is building a wind power not only in the Scandinavian countries, but also in the United States and Poland. Moreover, the company plans to become completely energy independent by 2020 year. Currently in Sweden built 46 wind turbinesWho are actively exploited. 30 of them are located in Glёtesvalen, 9 - in Korpfeltet and 7 turbines - in Remsberget. Judging by the number of turbines, a division of IKEA in Scandinavia will produce 361 GWh of energy every year. This figure is equivalent to the energy that is consumed 72000 homes. This measure will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions by almost 289 thousand tons.

Wind turbines

In the future, the company IKEA plans to use about 314 9 wind turbines in the world: France, Denmark, Ireland, Great Britain, Canada, Poland, Germany and others. Recall is not the only innovation involving IKEA, aimed at preserving environment. The company conducted the installation 700 000 solar panels on buildings, which it owns. Investments in wind and solar energy have made 1,5 billion euros.

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