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Dangerous ... Malmo?

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The ban on the sale MALMIKEA recalls 27 million drawers from the collection MALMAfter it was reported the death of children. Consumer Safety Association in the United States, together with the Swedish concern IKEA urged American citizens who purchased a chest of drawers from the collection of IKEA MALM goods, not to use the furniture if there is no attachment to a stable surface.

This decision came after the company's management, as it became known on 2-uh deaths of children loose when the wall MALM chest of drawers He overturned. Currently, the discussion goes directly on the model MALM chest, but it is not excluded that it touches and other drawers. Sales of Malmo in the US amounted to approximately 7 million units, overall sales of drawers, with the other collections - 27 million copies.

MALM Chest

From the point of view of lawyers, the campaign can be considered an official recall of the product, however, to return to the stores chests buyers are not required. Instead, residents USA can get in any mall Swedish manufacturer a set of special fasteners for fixing to the chest wall.

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