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"Fashion Week" in Milan with IKEA

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Fashion Week in MilanAccording Fashionmag, IKEA has successfully debuted at Fashion Week MilanWhich introduced two fashion collections. Rulers goods Giltig и Svärtan It was created with the participation of two famous designers - Katie Eary from the UK and Martin Bergström (Sweden). In the sale of products from these collections will go on 2016 year.

Designer Cathy developed Erie collection household goods, presented in a variety of colors. Black-and-white palette second collection of designer Bergström, no doubt, also will be of interest for its uniqueness. It is an interpretation Indian cultural heritage, embodied in the sheets, dishes, rugs and various metals interior.

Fashion Week with IKEA

Milan Fashion Week held from 1979 years. Next year it is planned to conduct a period 23-28 September.

The event usually involves new design collection and is opened temporary stores brands.

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