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Kamprad first paid taxes in Sweden

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Ingvar Kamprad for the first time filed an income tax return in the amount of approximately 1,9 million euros, which is 17,7 million SEK. This is the first declaration for many years after leaving Kamprad of Sweden - for the whole year 42. As reported by AFP and Dagens Nyheter, of total 6 million kroner transferred to the account taxesOf the declared amount 6 million kronor was spent on taxes.

Recall Ingvar Kamprad of Sweden moved back in 1973 year and settled near the city of Lausanne, in Switzerland. In 2011 year after he lost his wife Margaret Stennert, the entrepreneur decided to return to his native land and in the early spring he was in Sweden. Kamprad is considered one of the richest men in the world, the founder of IKEA, which currently consists of a network of shops, which sells household goods.

Sons Kamprad

2013 year was also a landmark for the company, Kamprad said goodbye to his position on the board and is now a member of the board of Ingka Holding, which is the controlling body of IKEA. IKEA manage the sons of the founder: Peter Jonas и Matthias. Total financial condition Kamprad is estimated at 3-4 billion euros.

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