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Promotions, discounts and sales of IKEA in Russia

Each month the company IKEA arranges sellout certain goods in their original stores. It has become a tradition for the company IKEAAnd also it's a great chance to buy a vending thing at a lower price for us. In addition, twice a year, are enormous sellout with huge discounts on a very large number of goods. Usually grandiose IKEA sales arranges summer in August, and the winter before the new year. We try to monitor these shares и Closeouts and promptly inform about them on our site. This category contains information about the current passing time promotions, discounts и sales in proprietary stores IKEA в of Russia.
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Hooray, winter, new year and another sale at IKEA. This year it starts on December 20. And the first day of 2, 20 21 December and the price of the promotional items IKEA is even lower for owners IKEA FAMILY card. Hurry to catch, because as always, the number of promotional products is limited.

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