Although Moscow has three truss IKEA store, besides planning to open three more, not everyone has the time, the opportunity, and the desire to go shopping at your local IKEA store. In this case you can help firms that are engaged in the delivery of IKEA in Moscow. You just need to call or send your order list to e-mail, and selected items will be delivered to your home. These firms only deliver products IKEA and are not its subsidiaries or partners.

GetIKEA - IKEA delivery in Moscow

3.4 /5 rating (19 votes)
Mytischi, st. Kolpakov, d.2, k.15

Company "FullSёrv"

3.4 /5 rating (10 votes)
Moscow, Lithuanian Blvd 46-2

ikeavdom - service delivery

2.6 /5 rating (7 votes)
IKEA order delivery service

IKEA order delivery service

4.8 /5 rating (4 votes)
warehouse overexposure: Moscow, Khimki city district, Skhodnya district, Nekrasov St., 2.

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