Ulyanovsk - Lenin's birthplace. It is known to every child born in the USSR. But not everyone knows that, although Ulyanovsk and there is no store IKEA, buy or order products of this well-known company in Ulyanovsk it is still possible. So, we present you a list of companies involved in the delivery of furniture and interior items IKEA in Ulyanovsk. We also want to draw your attention to the fact that the firms listed below are not official partners of the company IKEA in Ulyanovsk and have no relation to it, and to this website. These firms only deliver products from the nearest IKEA store company.


2.4 /5 rating (75 votes)
Ulyanovsk Street. Goncharova, d. 27 4 floor, office 403 ( «Pallada»)


3.8 /5 rating (72 votes)
Ulyanovsk Street. Federation, d. 11, 3-th floor, office. 306

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