And "IKEA FAMILY LIVE" again ...

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The Swedes, IKEA ... "tired". It would seem an ordinary magazine, which should serve to popularize the brand IKEA. All there intererchik interview with another family that the whole house is furnished with IKEA furniture. In short, another IKEA catalog, only the text bigger. But if it were that easy, it would not be "ikeey".

What does it all ... To sense of humor, which marketers, advertisers and editors IKEA has always been more than enough. And this is what? ... And this is a magazine, or, to be precise, to the article ... I smiled some "overheard replica" of articles about the private screening of the new IKEA textiles, published in the spring issue of the journal "IKEA FAMILY LIVE" for 2010 year. We read and smile ...

Also discovered the theft. The magazine in the summer of the year 2009 appeared in electronic form just now.

So, we look and swing issues of the journal "IKEA FAMILY LIVE":

  • during the summer of the year 2009
  • in the spring of the year 2010


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