A new look at IKEA with Ikeanstick

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Man with cameraHave you ever thought about what your IKEA furniture can suddenly acquire a completely new look, without changing their functional abilities? The fact that it can not be "just furniture", but a modern work of art, where you sleep or which store your belongings?

Despite the fact that we all love perfect in its simplicity Journal LACK tables, practical BILLY shelves, Convenient storage EXPEDITWe are often so eager to these familiar and favorite home furnishings suddenly acquired an entirely new form - appearance, Which corresponds to our state of mind and our picture of the world. It is enough for them to find a new visual representation and to realize this idea in practice.

So we start working with creative and talented participants of the project Ikeanstick and open a series of articles on masterful Ikeanstick (, Which produces vinyl stickers for IKEA furniture. Workshop works with a number of young and talented authors (graphic artists, photographers, illustrators), whose work is specifically tailored for IKEA furniture, offered to buy through the Internet resource.

Update BILLY

Our cooperation will consist in the publication of our design work in the category of alterations as the main goal of ours, and a workshop Ikeanstick this direction - a new look at the IKEA furniture, the use of images that reflect a modern stream of consciousness, and, as a consequence, the use of non-standard furniture. This will surprise fans art skills and professionals, creative people and ordinary citizens its non-trivial approach. If you look at pictures of artists who create for Ikeanstick, we can see that in their work they emphasize the continuity of the processes taking place within the human consciousness, realize their irrational focus, non-linearity, the manifestations of the unconscious, to know the world through your intuition. We, in turn, will try to draw your attention to the most unusual and surprising, interesting design works on filling.

Do not be amiss to mention some of the technical aspects. After you choose your favorite picture and design made the order, vinyl stickers They will be delivered to you in a beautiful crafting tube, with detailed instructions on gluing stickers and special squeegee, providing a smooth and uniform use of the labels.

The process of sticking the stickers in the cellar:

1) you get your stickers in a safe transport tube, inside which there is detailed instructions and squeegee;

2) clean the surface of the furniture, which you are going to upgrade;

3) carefully, using a squeegee paste stickers (not confusing their order).

В our first alteration of the cycle We are pleased to introduce you to a chest of drawers MALM with design options from Marina YaroshWhich, in our opinion, are some of the best works and bear the embodiment and expression of both the inner world of the author, and redefining the reality of the external world.

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