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Happy New YearBefore the New Year remains very little time, it will soon knock on every house. In the New Year we want to start life anew, filling it with new ideas, dreams and plans for the future. New Year - It is not just a holiday, it's a great opportunity to make life better, rethink already passed stage, make the necessary adjustments if required. It is time for a change, that we are waiting, we need only look closely. No wonder they say: "How to celebrate New Year, so spend it." Therefore we wish you to meet 2014 Year of the Horse with a great mood, a lot of positivity and hope only for the beautiful and very good.

2014 coming year - is not just another new year. This year we will be accompanied by Blue wooden horse. That is why we have every right to call the coming year creative. Horse loves all made by hand. This is a wonderful chance to try out new activities, handicrafts, art, and perhaps even participate in our category alterationsWhere you will be able to fully express their creativity and skill. It will be great if your business in the new year will take place in an atmosphere of tranquility and calmness.
Blue Horse
Especially for you, our dear readers, we have written a small greeting in verse. We really appreciate all of you for what you show interest in our resource and closely monitor the updates that we prepare for you with great pleasure.
Let the coming New Year will bring a lot of happiness,
A lot of joy and laughter, creativity, success,
Brings grief,
Only fruit for all creatures.
The new status, a new way, a new way of life,
This is because everyone is glad!
Be in harmony with IKEA, together we will make the world better!


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    I always treat with great attention to shares that satisfied the company in anticipation of the holidays, and I think that the year of the horse for our city was just a good start and the next will bring even more discounts and promotions!

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