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News IKEA in Belarus

Another production of IKEA in Belarus

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IKEAIn the past, the company IKEA is actively eyeing Belarus. Unfortunately, so far only in the construction and manufacturing woodworking companies. Another investment project will be the construction of timber processing enterprise in Svisloch district of Grodno region. The size of the investment will be about 12 million. euro.
In the coming days it will be entered into an investment agreement with the Grodno oblast executive committee on the opening of the plant, completed work on the terms of the contract detail. Start of construction and installation work is scheduled for March-April 2012 years.
The project will be carried out in several stages with a gradual introduction of facilities. Initially, the plant will produce components for the furniture and in the future - the very furniture. Similar IKEA companies operating in other countries, including Poland. The total number of industrial enterprises IKEA around the world - about 30.
The IKEA prospect is ready to expand its capacity in the region, including there are plans to build in the regional center of a large shopping complex specializing in the sale of furniture.

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