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It is finished: IKEA in Belarus

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Enterprise BorisovdrevIt is not the first time the Belarusians heard that IKEA will come into the country. But, nevertheless, to present far further than talk did not get. However, most recently on the basis of shop furniture production "Sinyavka" of "Borisovdrev" in Kletsk district was created Belarusian-Polish joint venture under the name "Sinyavskaya furniture factory". This information is shared with the press a spokesman for "Bellesbumprom" - Nowicka Ruzhena.

The founders of the joint venture by the two countries: JSC "Borisovdrev" (RB) and LLC "New Crowns" (Poland). Investments accounted for more than two and a half million euros. Note that 80% of these investments are foreign-owned.

The main type of activity, which will deal with the company - deep processing of wood, as well as the release of high value-added products. This means that the factory will be put into production furniture products Metal array and birch, pine, and other materials. There are also plans to release products from curved plywood, which will be justified in view of the high demand from the furniture industry enterprises.

Planned sales markets for goods: the countries of the CU - the Customs Union - Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, Poland and, possibly, some European states. Basically, Furniture products It will be made by the order of IKEA, which will ensure their implementation on the basis of continuity.

Borisovdrev Plant
Investors from the Republic of Poland explained their interest in creating joint venture on the territory of the Republic of Belarus quite comfortable conditions that have been created in Belarus for doing business, the presence of resources and, undoubtedly, the output capabilities on the vehicle market directly.

According to the press secretary, the group of companies "Polikat" today has export potential in 26 the world. Therefore, the interaction with it opens up interesting horizons for the implementation and plywood, and of plate "Borisovdrev" the company's products. However, some agreements between the parties have already been achieved.

Group of companies "Polikat" is a Spanish-Polish woodworking a company that has its own companies as well as joint ventures in the European countries. On average, a month a group of companies "Polikat" can be processed up to 8 thousand cubic meters of wood. 75% of the manufactured products consumed IKEA.

The company of "Borisovdrev" specializes in the manufacture of matches and plywood, lumber and thin fiberboard - MDF.

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