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The plans to create up to 14 million new jobs over the next year the Swedish furniture group IKEA SpainAnd to double the number of stores to 2025 year. The information came from the Iberian unit IKEA - Tolga Onsu. He previously was head of Group sales in Sweden, then deputy director of IKEA units on the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

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Fashion Week in MilanAccording to Fashionmag, IKEA successfully debuted at Fashion Week in MilanWhich introduced two fashion collections. Rulers goods Giltig и Svärtan were created with the participation of two renowned designers - Katie Eary from the UK and Martin Bergström (Sweden). Products from these collections will go on sale in 2016.

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LED DownlightLED-light-emitting diodes are light sources that consume energy to 85% less than traditional incandescent lamp us. Their life may be about 20 years. From the first day of autumn IKEA switches on the LED-light-emitting diodes, the range produced lighting devices It will be entirely composed of products with innovative lighting. This information was reported the press Jeanette Skjelmose.

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Forests of RomaniaAs part of the policy of optimizing the use of wood IKEA has acquired Romanian forests total area of ​​34 thousand. ha. This will be the first experience of the Swedish retailer in the timber. This information has informed "Interfax", referring to the publication of Wall Street Journal.

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Lamp IKEA PS 2014Hanging lamp from IKEA PS collection 2014 was awarded under the name Red Dot Design Award. In this competition participated 4928 designer creations presented 56 38 countries and members of the jury chose the product from the collection IKEA PS 2014. This award is very prestigious, which means that the design work was performed flawlessly and design decision was carefully thought out. This world-famous Award awarded by the European Institute of Design Center of the earth Westphalia - North Rhine located in the city of Essen, in Germany.  

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