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Development Mark DuboisMost people do not need long to explain what brand IKEA. Yet there are her ardent opponents and supporters of amateur. And the number of the latter is growing steadily. IKEA's products are valued for simplicity and functionality, an attractive appearance and safety, the ability to quickly and easily transform it to fit your needs. The company itself regularly carries out all kinds of events, attracting more and more new fans. At the same time another story. Products under the brand IKEA brand has attracted the attention of developers computer games.

You know what a controller? Student named Marc Dubois, the student on the course of art and design in the Swiss university, knows them firsthand. It is engaged in developing them. Word controller comes from the English "controller", which literally means "the regulator or controller." In this case deals with the game controller - input devices are widely used in computer and console games.

According to The Verge, A popular American website dedicated to computer technology and gadgets, Mark has been designed application that turns ordinary items of IKEA Catalogue in controllers. Who would have thought, but they can also be a wooden bowl, and shade, and the box.

In order to use a souped controller on the smartphone need to download the application and run it in operation. The application itself reads data from the camera Smartphone and gyroscope. All this information is transmitted to the screen. For example, to create a round controller, it is enough to fix your smartphone on the stand and place the device inside a wooden bowl.

At this stage of the work, all designed devices are compatible only with a puzzle called Collidem. It also includes a number of personal development Marc Dubois. Nevertheless, it is likely to occur, and other computer games that can be applied in practice controllers.

Student project does not apply to commercial. Himself Marc Dubois does not intend to stop there and he plans to continue research in the field of design and invention controllers.

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    How well that IKEA looks into the future and begins to participate in the creation of modern devices and gadgets. I think that developments in this area will bring it even more popular.
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    Tamara B.

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    Several times I have encountered such directories and I can say that not only that the process is very entertaining, it still allows you to get acquainted with the product in a completely different, unfamiliar world!

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