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New collections and trends expired IKEA

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IKEA continues active cooperation with the world of art and fashion. In the summer of next year, the conference was held 2016 IKEA Democratic Design Days in Älmhult. During the 2016 and 2017 years. the company, together with the artists and designers in the fashion industry, has created a lot of interesting collections. One of the new IKEA projects - collaboration with fashion designer Keith Neal (United Kingdom). 

With the new mobile technologies, teenagers are no longer sit at home bezvylazno. Creative director collection SPRIDD It says that the collection is designed to make everyday life easier and more teens fun.


New collections

SPRIDD presents products for the street and the house in black and white colors. The inspiration for the collection came through clearance covers movies, music records and CDs. As a result, the team has developed a series of products that are consistent with such musical styles as metal, hip-hop, dub and electro dance psycho. Tents, mugs, backpacks and thermos bottles from the collection will be perfect for open air events.

Collection SPRIDD

STUNSIG - The collection, which is striking in its brightness, will be launched in the 2017 year. 6 artists worked on this collection in techniques: drawing, collage, digital art, fashion photos and comics. In the end, joint efforts created a series of unique prints that will decorate the products of the usual IKEA range, such as bedspreads, pillows, dishes, etc. The collection will be released in limited editions. 


Collection STUNSIG

Collection STUNSIG It emphasizes individuality, uniqueness trendy patterns and prints. With this collection of ordinary, basic goods are transformed into something phenomenal.



The third series of the collection IKEA Art Event manually created 11 artists invited from different countries. IKEA implements together with artists from around the world. In the fashion trend of the revival of the figure, made by hand, rather than using computer technology. The drawings, which are created by a real artist, are alive and carry the imprint of human labor.  

Art design 2017

Art event show

New collections can be seen on the official blog of the company at

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