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Poflirtuem on FRAKTA

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A funny thing happened recently with the participation of IKEA. "Clashed" designers Balenciaga the Swedish manufacturer. The thing is that the French company Balenciaga announced the release of a new product - a large blue bags, Which is a hair's breadth of design is a repetition of the collection bag IKEA products FRAKTA.
However, the prices of IKEA and the French brand Balenciaga different. Balenciaga bag It represents a fashionable leather accessories made of leather, which is worth as much, 2145 dollars.
For IKEA the output of such a product on the market has become a challenge for which IKEA said in her characteristic ironic manner.
Balenciaga handbags fractals
The company has issued instructions that explain how not to confuse the bag. FRAKTA 99 cents for her "glamorous sister."
And here, on the website Acne creative agency (IKEA partner) had this statement, which reads as follows:
1. If shaking the bag, you heard rustling - it's real.
2. bag fractals It is multifunctional. It can be used for carrying hockey equipment, bricks and even water.
3. Even if we throw this bag FRAKTA in the dirt, it can be easily cleaned with a garden hose.
4. Original bag costs only 99 cents.

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