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In one of the IKEA store in Norway recreated the destroyed apartment from Syria

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The Norwegian unit IKEA together and the Red Cross in one of the Norwegian stores recreated a typical house, which is now forced to live combatant citizens of Syria. The idea of ​​the shares owned by POL agency.
This cinderblock-built apartment of 25 square meters with a very poor set of things is an exact replica of a dwelling in the suburbs of Damascus, where a family of 9 people is forced to huddle. Posters and price tags inside the installation were also part of the campaign and told about the plight of ordinary Syrians, who lack even water and medicine. 
For two weeks the stock room, visited by more than 80 thousand people, writes Adfreak. Thanks to the campaign managed to collect 220 million crowns, which will be used to support the Syrian families.

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