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Chelyabinsk: plans and reality

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At the date of January 28 media received an official statement saying that the company IKEA still fulfill its plans for the construction of a shopping center Chelyabinsk. Acquisition of land 40 hectares in Sosnovsky district of Chelyabinsk region, pos. Terem. Expected that investments It will be at least 10 billion Russian rubles.

Chelyabinsk always imagined for IKEA "tidbit", and for the residents of the parish of the Swedish manufacturer was also very welcome. In early December last year was made public that the acquisition land completed and now OOO "IKEA Senterc Rus Development" has the right to own land for further construction of shopping centers and IKEA MEGA. This information was confirmed by director general of OOO "IKEA Senterc Rus Development" - David Huss.

The plot is purchased, the process of developing the concept of the future shopping center will now be officially provided details construction. It is already known that the complex will be built in 2 phases, the first of which is scheduled for completion by the year 2020, and the second is not limited at the moment at the end. Approximately, the investment will amount to more than 10 billion rubles, and the area of ​​the store will be about 30 thousand sq. M. m.

David Huss

In addition to the above plans, on the site, which acquired the company IKEA will, due to the investments of the local developer, will be built homes, as well as social and road infrastructure will be developed. Head of the region - Boris Dubrovsky - Oversees the prompt resolution of all issues that relate to the decision to implement this project. He was joined by director and Investment Promotion Agency - Anatoly Lobko, he stressed that the assistance was provided IKEA enormous and all questions (procedures to harmonize the engineering documentation, which included water, gas and connection to transport infrastructure facilities) were resolved very quickly. This allowed the company to get all the contracts as soon as possible and take a decision on the construction shopping center.

Lobko IKEA

Chelyabinsk For furniture makers, already fairly exhausted crisis, the arrival of IKEA, of course, would be practically the "last straw" and is forecast to continue reducing the organizations that produce and sell furniture.

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