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The grand opening of IKEA in Samara

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29 September 2011 the grand opening of the first IKEA store in Samara region. The ceremony was attended by Vladimir Vladimirovich Artjakov - The governor of the Samara region, Dmitry I. Azarov - Head of Samara city district, representatives of the Swedish Embassy in Russia and the first persons of the company.
Vladimir Vladimirovich Artyakov, Governor of the Samara Region, congratulated all those present with the long-awaited opening of the IKEA shopping center in Samara: "Everyone benefits from the project: the region, the investor represented by IKEA, and the average consumer. The total amount of tax deductions to the regional and local budgets within the next 10 years will exceed 1 billion rubles. And the residents of the region have an additional opportunity to purchase high-quality goods at affordable prices. At the same time, a sufficiently high level of service will be provided and an infrastructure will be created for the meaningful family leisure of the residents of our region. "
General Director of IKEA Per Vendshlag governor handed a symbolic "key from IKEA" and expressed special gratitude to the leadership of the city and the region for their support. "Thanks to the great work we have done together, the lives of many people in the province of Samara change for the better" - said Per Vendshlag.
At the entrance of the IKEA store manager and head of city district together they planted a tree symbolizing reliability, long-term sustainable development and responsible attitude towards the future of our planet.
According to the good Russian tradition, that in the new house was always cozy and warm, to have to enter a cat. This tradition exists in IKEA. At the opening ceremony the honorary mission accomplished Niels cat. It was he who captured the hearts of Samara journalists and bloggers in the finals 22 September and became a full member of the opening ceremony of IKEA.
Buyers of the new IKEA store waiting 20 300 square meters of retail space, 300 friendly staff, 56 interiors actual rooms (including 3 interior whole apartments), a restaurant with a capacity of 450 seats, 6 500 parking spaces (total number of parking shopping center MEGA Samara) more 7 800 SKUs. For a comfortable journey to the store customers organized special express bus routes from the stop Barboshina fields (Frunze), and a bus stop 15 district (Avenue of Karl Marx).

«V? Lkommen!» - «Welcome!" In Swedish.
According to IKEA.

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