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Delivery from online store

Recall that the first step to improve the service and the launch of online sales made IKEA unit in Omsk. Since six months have passed and it's time to take the interim results, as the service is carried out during the second half of the year 2013 in test mode. The uniqueness of the introduction of this service consists in the fact that it was a "pen test", the first experience in Russia.

The company's management stated that they are not going to stop there. Firstly, it is planned to expand the geography of delivery. Earlier delivery is only within the city Omsk, in the near future the service will become available for residents of settlements remote from Omsk. The list of cities that first of all fell into the planned logistic framework, subject to online ordering, includes cities such as Surgut, Nizhnevartovsk, Ishim, Tyumen and Khanty-Mansiysk. Along with the aforementioned localities common "short list" includes about 20-five cities.

The advantages of purchasing IKEA products via the Internet do not end there. The next innovation affected the payment procedure: a payment method was introduced by means of bank card systems Visa и MasterCardThat allowed to make the service even more convenient for consumers. Payments will have protection 3D Secured, which has proven itself to be reliable. At this stage, the operability of the logistics chain from the warehouse door to the customer's door has been worked out. Moreover, the scheme has been worked out very well, this is explained by the fact that such a small territory - one city - was selected for the test period.

Online shop in Omsk

The effectiveness of the service can be seen in figure repeated orders online - 20%, which is a lot. Moreover, customers are very happy with the new service. Of course, representatives of the IKEA company will have to work hard so that the quality and delivery time do not suffer when the geography expands. And this is not an easy process, because it includes many elements of the chain: people, technology, and other conditions, not to mention unforeseen situations and incidents. Therefore, all we have to do is wish the company systematic development and speedy expansion and improvement of this new, but very convenient service for all of us.

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