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Finance IKEA 2014According to the database "SPARK-Interfax," Russian structure of IKEA in the past year have accelerated the pace of revenue growth. For example, the company "Ikea Home" revenue grew by 17% for the previous year and amounted to 94,2 billion rubles. Profit Gross arrived increased 12,4%, which is 29,5 billion rubles, and the profit from sales (in other words - operating profit) - rose up to 11,3 billion rubles (as a percentage - 3,4%). Net profit grew by 2% (7,98 billion rubles.).

The structure of the company "Ikea Mos (Business and real estate) "increased revenues by 10,3%, reaching the level 28,5 billion. Gross profit increased year over 2014 24,9% (15,9 billion), operating - to 26,2% (12,3 billion rubles.), Net - on 12,9 % to $ 7,2 billion.

LTD "Ikea Trading"Which is responsible for the production of furniture production and wholesale trade in textile products, lifted profit at 18,9%, which amounted to 60,8 billion rubles, net profit reached the level 1,3 billion Russian rubles.
IKEA RussiaTotal earnings on the date of August 31 2014 year rose 2,8%, amounting 29,3 billion euros. Number of visitors shopping centers the company also increased to 70 million on 9% equivalent.

Investment Plans IKEA in the Russian market, which has set itself the Swedish manufacturer, in monetary terms up 2 billion euros. Last year the company's strategy involves the construction of ten new shopping center in the Russian Federation up to 2025 years.

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