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IKEA for your homeIKEA has expressed interest in building his next furniture center in another Russian city. At this time Krasnoyarsk. The results of the negotiations have already identified some agreement. In March of this year, they were bonded agreement between IKEA and the Regional Ministry of investment and innovation.

Administration of Krasnoyarsk invited to choose the company's management about IKEA 20 sites for building. All are located on the outskirts of Krasnoyarsk, as well as in the area and have Yemelyanovsky area 30 hectares each. This arrangement is due to the fact that the probability of occurrence of congestion in the congested streets of Krasnoyarsk.

Just as with many other cities, the idea of ​​opening a large-scale furniture center Krasnoyarsk idea long ago. Residents, and the city itself will remain only in the black. After all, with the arrival of IKEA replenish the city treasury tax hundreds of millions of rubles, as well as an increase in the number of jobs by about a thousand units.

IKEA Russia

If people are saying about you - then you popular. Immutable law, which works with IKEA. B of Russia has long been a large number of followers of this product. And even renting housing landlords in the list of advantages mention the ikeevskoy furnishing. This means that to stay in this apartment you will be most comfortable and convenient.

In an embodiment of the construction project IKEA store in Krasnoyarsk takes the easternmost point of Russia. Construction is planned to begin next year. Also plans to spend about 1,5-2 year on the final construction store and even organize production in Krasnoyarsk ikeevskoy furniture.

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