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IKEA and UNICEF: Help us make the world a softer

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soft_toys1 November in all IKEA stores in Russia kicks off the traditional joint charity campaign IKEA Children's Fund (UNICEF) "Help us make the world a softer", which will last until December 31.

The goal of the company - to make life of children in difficult life situations, softer and kinder. A Christmas and New Year holidays are those in which it is most needed. As part of this campaign IKEA stores worldwide lists equivalent 1 euros, with each soft toy sold by UNICEF and "Save the Children".

"Children - are the most important people on earth, - says Per Vendshlag, CEO of IKEA in Russia. - Along with millions of our customers and our partners from UNICEF we can seriously help children who find themselves in difficult situations. In Russia, these children, unfortunately, very much - so for IKEA important that every ruble received from our Russian customers to stay here and help young children cope with big problems. "

"IKEA - the largest corporate donor UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) in the world. In Russia, we have many years of working together to ensure the equal rights of every child, regardless of their social background and health. We have managed to change a lot, but much remains to be done. Therefore, I sincerely hope that our good initiative will be supported by IKEA among buyers all over Russia, and gives thousands of children smile and hope, "- says Bertrand Bainvel, representative of the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Russia.

Russian IKEA stores are taking part in the action with 2003 years. Since then, IKEA customers helped raise more than 55 million rubles to support charitable projects UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Russia.

According to IKEA.

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