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IKEA did not pass ruble fluctuations

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The ruble 2014The situation that has emerged in the Russian market and in the economy as a whole could not affect the operation and further development of many companies. Not spared a party and IKEA. According to a statement of the retailer, in the near future is coming revision of prices for the products and their adaptation to existing realities.

The fact that the set of factors such as the rapid decline rubleAs well as increased transport rates and commodity prices, have had a significant effect on the financial performance of the company. With all of this in more than 60% of production, which has been implemented to date furniture giant, made directly in Russia. Anyway, IKEA can not ignore the impact of external economic fluctuations.

IKEA Moscow

The press service of the company, it was stated that at the moment is preparing a plan that will price adjustment. In this case, the exact timing of its implementation has not been specified.

However, can not but rejoice that the leadership will make every effort to ensure that future price changes not too disappointed fans and fans of the brand IKEA. The report also refers to the buying guarantees. In other words, in each product category will continue to present the products corresponding to the most favorable price with market expectations.

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