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IKEA in Perm?

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Perm officials have made another attempt to negotiate with the IKEA the opening of a supermarket in the city. The authorities expect that IKEA will be the anchor tenant in the new shopping center under construction. Unfortunately for residents Perm, of IKEA Perm region of interest only in the long run, is now the Swedes seek in the suburbs and look for a another plot of land near Moscow.
The representatives of the regional government held a meeting with the leadership of IKEA International Group, said in his blog Acting Minister of Industry, Innovation and Science Kseniya Novikova. "Once again I noticed IKEA consultants Perm region. At the meeting, representatives of IKEA confirmed the company's desire to enter the Perm market ", - said Ms. Novikova. According to her, it is now "in question as a whole on the resumption of the project, more specific parameters of the company's arrival in the region have not been discussed." According to another source "b" in the regional government, in the last year the company's management IKEA It received an offer from the authorities and the Perm Territory about placing IKEA retail chain in the region. According to the same source, the company has designated its interest in Perm, at the same time changing the concept of call in the region - as the anchor tenant in a large construction site, rather than a stand-alone project, as previously planned.
However, IKEA says that it is not going to develop Perm sites in the near future. As stated by Kommersant. Head of Public Relations and Corporate Communications IKEA Russia Irina Johansson, Perm Region is a potentially interesting region for the company's development in the long term. "Indeed, some time ago the company was considering the possibility of building a shopping center, but at the moment we have no plans to implement investment projects in the region. Today, the development priority is the Moscow region, where we plan to build two or three free-standing IKEA stores. As for the network of MEGA shopping centers, the priority of our activities is the development and modernization of existing MEGA shopping centers, "explained Mrs. Johansson.
Recall, the company IKEA trying to go to Permian with 2004 years. At the end of the year 2006 she chose the site in Kondratovo, opposite the existing shopping center METRO. 2007 spring, the company was already preparing to make a deal, but it is not a relationship with the tenant of the land - the farm "Verhnemullinsky". In 2009 the company negotiated the purchase of land in Perm racetrack, however, and the deal never took place.
Owner of GC "REAL" and the deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly Borisovets believes that today in Perm not large enough to IKEA sites where trading network could become a tenant. "Out of the declared large-scale facilities we only have projects in the Kama Valley (TRC on Speshilova, 94, the developer is sticking UK" EX ", and the SEC on Speshilova, 114, the developer -" Logistics Pro. "-" B "), but they small for IKEA. And in Perm the company's strategy, as far as I know, no longer appears "- said" Kommersant "source. The director of the consulting agency Research & Decisions Regina Davletshin noted that «IKEA - a strong anchor tenant demanding, therefore, most likely, the object will be built specifically for him."

A source: Kommersant

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