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IKEA: hot dogs in Russia - to be!

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Hotdogs horsemeatIKEA restored sell hot dogs after the implementation of the controversial ban these products. In parallel, was introduced specially developed additional system quality control foods.

Recall that the sale of hot dogs were suspended indefinitely in March of this year. The problem is that during the verification experts found in the production of sausages organizations LLC "MPZ REMIT" horsemeat. Almost simultaneously, the Czech authorities detained party frozen meatballs IKEA (Total volume - 760 kg), which also was found to contain horsemeat.

Since that time, were substantially revised requirements for manufacturers meat products. As a result of checking the responsible authorities have introduced a system by which it will be possible to fully control the quality of hot dogs offered for sale to end-users. Starting from August 1 2013 Swedish company will again realize hotdogs in shopping centers.

After the scandal with hot dogs guide IKEA decided to work exclusively with the producers meat productsWhich guarantees the ability to track all the way raw materials purchased. Furthermore, the control must be carried out during each manufacturing process. Another requirement of the Swedish furniture manufacturer was holding mandatory DNA analysis not only each of the batches of raw material, but all parties finished products.

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