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Results of the company IKEAArmin Michaeli, who recently assumed the position of General Director IKEA Shopping Centers Russia, unveiled results activities in Russia over the past decade, and shared his plans for the near future.

In the period from 2003 to 2013, the IKEA company tirelessly gained momentum and finished with a very impressive baggage. This is no less expansion of the network to 14 MEGA shopping centers (the total area exceeds 2 million sq. M.), Which are located in 11 large Russian cities. A competent policy for the placement of shopping facilities allowed to increase traffic, which by 2013 reached almost 254 million people. Certainly, along with the growing indicators of trade volumes, the number of employees has been replenished. Today more than 900 people are part of IKEA Shopping Centers Russia.

Company established cooperation and led to the Russian market, some well-known international brandswhich have long established themselves: Victoria's Secret, Beauty & Accessories, Zara, Bobby Brown, The Body Shop, American Eagle and many others.

By the conviction of leadership is not the limit. Attract new retailers will remain a priority for development. In addition, it is planned to draw a line under the modernization program the Mega achieve new levels of profitability and concentrate on its main facility to achieve new heights - employees, increasing their skills and education.

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