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Cover face-2016

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The annual photo shoot competition in the shopping center "MEGA" starts 9 September. It will last until October 23. it online contestWhich provides each of you the opportunity to become the main face of the cover IKEA Catalogue and win prizes from the company. The project has been ongoing for 7 years in Russia. During this period, more than 350,000 personal catalog covers of the Swedish manufacturer have been created. 

Given the long life project, It can rightly be called a tradition. To participate you just need to come and be photographed in a specially designed interior. Personal creative ideas a photo and good humor are welcome. Photography will conduct a professional photographer.

Cover face 2014

Cover face 2014

Cover face 2015

If you have the desire to become one of the participants in the project, you first need to pre-register on Online. Through 7 days shooting you can pick up a catalog of your photos, as you previously notified by e-mail. All this time, your family can vote for you, and if you type the maximum number of votes will get nice prizes from the company.

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