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Innovation in restaurants and bistros IKEA

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December 3 2015 years for IKEA was not just the date and significant day from which the Swedish manufacturer has expanded the range of bistro и restaurants on Russian territory. Among the new products offered to customers - a larger selection of coffee and frozen yogurt. This innovation came as part of the IKEA trend to improve the lives of people, this time through gastronomic solutions that are in the trend of healthy eating. Current IKEA developments make it possible to minimize the harmful effects on environment. Thus, a conscious choice of ingredients benefits not only people, but also nature.

Take, for example, frozen yogurt. Why not replace the usual desserts and ice cream, but with a lower content of sugar and fat? This yogurt contains kcal 70 and he made using only natural ingredients. It can be ordered yogurt, chocolate, strawberry or blueberry raspberry topping.

IKEA Coffee

Coffee card, among other things, includes the currently coffee 100% Arabica: Enjoy the highest quality American, Latte, Cappuccino and Espresso. Any coffee drink will cost the buyer 49 rubles. Coffee sold by IKEA undergoes a mandatory pre-certification UTZ, which is responsible for all the stages of ecological coffee production. If you want to find out in what conditions and where the purchased coffee was produced, you just have to go to the site., select the type of coffee and its shelf life.

We eat at IKEA

Food at IKEA

Michael la Cour, who is the head unit IKEA Food Services, points out that the special treatment for IKEA Product и Foods It is part of the concept from the beginning of its existence. Priority - eco-friendly natural ingredients and production techniques, which do not bring harm to the nature. Also in the coming year 2016 update all the restaurants of the company, which will allow visitors to feel even more home.

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