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Exchange & Returns: the new rules

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Return Policy IKEASince the beginning of the fall of the Swedish manufacturer has changed the policy return and the exchange of goods sold. Now buyers will be more opportunities to return the purchased goods, is not without spending a lot of time. Thus, according to the new conditions fans to shop at IKEA will be given an opportunity exchange or return almost any item purchased during a calendar year. But this rule Racprostranyat only for those goods which have not been used.

Advantages of the new policy IKEA is already possible to estimate from the beginning of September this year. If you no longer need the item purchased, due to the fact that, for example, she went to the interior, you can take it to the store, despite the presence or absence of IKEA FAMILY card or membership in a club. Earlier, it was possible to return the goods only for the days of 60 purchasesOr if you are a member of the club of IKEA, the period increased to 90 days.

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Management of the company IKEA has come to such a decision, in order that buyers can return any goods that do not meet their requirements or any another reason was no longer needed. All non-food products, even without the presence of the collection and the original packaging, can be brought back. The company was cleared of all exceptions and limitations, which acted earlier. However, if product was used, then it is no longer accepted.

This is a unique experience for Russia, since no one store does not provide such democratic conditions for the exchange and return of goods. According to Walter KadnaruWho is director of retail chain IKEA in the Russian Federation, the new rules are designed with the aim to increase the loyalty and trust among customers.

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    Good afternoon! Is it possible to return a brown bookcase BILLY not in its original packaging. The quality of the copies we have is very different from that presented at the stand. My 8-916-576-97-64 Yours: V. Kozhin
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      Site administration

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      Good evening, you'd better contact the service IKEA department store where you purchased the cabinet. If the cabinet is defective, you will in any case need to change it. At IKEA this is no problem.

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