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Poll: Russians favorite purchase at IKEA

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Very often, the company holds IKEA polls among Russians. In one of the next polls Swedish manufacturer tried to figure out how to relate to the question of the Russians arrangement of his house. The survey was conducted jointly by the Institute and market research GfK. IKEA has tried to figure out how to change Russia's attitude to the residents of the house for 15 years. 78% of respondents said that their attention to their home has risen dramatically, 67% said that now house reflects their personal hobbies and interests.

The survey showed that 100% of respondents in recent years 15 anything changed in interior his apartment. 35% of them have changed the situation, updated furniture and accessories purchased. 47% did it partially, leaving some elements of the old situation. 87% annually make shopping for a home, even if minimal. 63% make changes in the home environment less - a maximum of one time during 4-5 years.

Among the major reasons for the change is, of course, moving. 83% of the respondents changed their interior when moving and only 63% without changing the place of residence. For 55% of inhabitants of Russia house became a place that allows you to become yourself, and for 53% - a place where you always want to return, for 48% - a safe place that guarantees a sense of security. 

IKEA Store

"Wall" from the Soviet era has not fallen out of love 78% of Russians, but 56% of this element of furniture disposed. 22% of respondents and could not bear to part with it all his friends elements of the situation.

88% of the respondents at least once purchased household goods to IKEA stores. 92% admitted that they buy at IKEA More goodsThan it planned. It seems that the company knows best what customers need than themselves.

New products IKEA

63% in the survey stressed that IKEA has helped change the view of the interior design and 71% used IKEA interiors for inspiration and new ideas. 70% of respondents expressed confidence in the fact that the goods IKEA helped make housing more comfortable, the same man because of IKEA now more efficiently use the space in the house 65% respondents became more stylish и contemporary, for 72% to change the interior is now easier. 

The leading position in the ranking of favorite products takes furniture:. Dressers, sofas, chairs, tables, etc. It is also not paid attention to the dishes with cutlery. 13% of the respondents named the favorite item IKEA sofa.

IKEA home

Every third house has IKEA catalogs and exclusive catalogs with personal photo on the cover have 13% of fans of IKEA.

The target category for the survey were selected men and women aged up to 30 65 years. The total number of respondents - 1000 people from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Kazan, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod and Ufa.

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