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News IKEA in Russia

IKEA in Russia

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The press began to appear the next news about the development of IKEA in Russia. The first news comes to launching a furniture factory Veliky Novgorod. However, running the project is only in the test mode. We mentioned earlier that the start-up Factory Furniture - OOO "IKEA Industry Novgorod" - was planned for the summer of this year.

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implementation project for the construction of the MEGA shopping center, according to the IKEA Centres RussiaNot be effected. It was planned that the building will be erected on site, which is located between the highway - Zvenigorod and Khoroshevskoye. The owners of these territories - holding "Relight" and the company "Glavstroy-development". Earlier in the press I mentioned that this site will be the shopping center "Green Mall" and IKEA are also trying to reach a consensus and to purchase this land. As a result of the agreement the company did not come. Manual IKEA justify this excessive investment for the project. 

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Representative AO "KAZNEX INVEST", Aigerim Zhusupova, announced the immediate availability of in IKEA Stores Kazakh carpets, which the manufacturer is the company "Ball Textiles" LLP. This company produces 5 million square feet. m rugs and carpets annually. Today, the company is also working on export and 30% of production goes to the markets of CIS countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and of Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.

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Very often, the company holds IKEA polls among Russians. In one of the next polls Swedish manufacturer tried to figure out how to relate to the question of the Russians arrangement of his house. The survey was conducted jointly by the Institute and market research GfK. IKEA has tried to figure out how to change Russia's attitude to the residents of the house for 15 years. 78% of respondents said that their attention to their home has risen dramatically, 67% said that now house reflects their personal hobbies and interests.

The survey showed that 100% of respondents in recent years 15 anything changed in interior his apartment. 35% of them have changed the situation, updated furniture and accessories purchased. 47% did it partially, leaving some elements of the old situation. 87% annually make shopping for a home, even if minimal. 63% make changes in the home environment less - a maximum of one time during 4-5 years.

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Ahead of the most beautiful holiday, first holiday of spring - March 8. In anticipation of this day, all puzzled purchase gifts for their wives, mothers, grandmothers, colleagues, and simply those who like to do something nice. IKEA has provided gifts to 8 March, which can be selected in the catalog.

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