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The holiday comes to us

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Soon will come New Year holidaysAnd the company IKEA has prepared for its customers an excellent winter collection, with the help of which we can not only decorate your homeBut also to create a festive mood. Winter collection This year is presented in five categories of products: holiday decoration, Decorative lighting, textile, Food, toys and games.

Here you will find everything, starting with the Christmas decorations and finishing and serving items wrapping paper for gifts. Through WINTER collection 2016 you without fuss can find universal solutions for decoration at home, enjoying the process of selecting the colors, the warmth coming holidays and traditions. IKEA offers a variety of festive goodsThat preparations for the Christmas and New Year will be held in a relaxed atmosphere and will certainly be remembered for a long time.

New Year - is not only the traditional Christmas tree, and use an unusual, creative approach interior decoration through lighting and decorative elements. Give your home personality and, at the same time help guests feel at home, for example, name cards apart and public stand on New Year's table.

Cookies WINTER 2016

Lighting during the festival plays an important role. This will help us Candles from the collection WINTER 2016Which will create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, so indispensable in the cold winter evenings.

Candles WINTER 2016

Enveloped in the house of love, thanks Textiles WINTER 2016. Towels, tablecloths, desktop path, Bed linen ... what is there just is not all in the New Year style!

Textiles WINTER 2016

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