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The "Design advice: change in the house - it's easy!"

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There is an idea - there are IKEAIKEA is amateurs and professionals in the field of design next contest called "Design tip: change in the house - it's easy." If you want to get professional advice on arrangement of an apartment or house or change your interior for the better, and perhaps participate in the contest of young professionals, this online project fits you perfectly. Moreover, the company IKEA has provided a large number of prizes, including a trip to the "Design Week" in Stockholm.

Professional designersWho were selected representatives of IKEA, using a special Internet platform, will recommend to everyone as comfortable adapt the house to create a comfortable and unforgettable atmosphere without unnecessary effort and exorbitant costs.

That is the real decisions and practical advice are the best way to solve design problems. The project enough wording your problem, photos of the room, its description (dimensions, etc.). It is also recommended to share their ideas with designers and doubts about the current and projected interior. Do not forget to indicate the approximate budget that you are willing to spend on designer projectAnd experts will select exactly the objects of interior from a wide range of IKEA that will suit you perfectly at cost and will join the new situation.

Problem interior

Application for a design project can be left on the site until July 28 2013 year.

Under the project, IKEA will be a competition for designers. To participate in the project must submit your application, upload your portfolio on the site and thus obtain the status of the participant.

Change your life for the better with IKEA!

Based on materials from IKEA.

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