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Choosing gifts for March 8 IKEA

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Ahead of the most beautiful holiday, first holiday of spring - March 8. In anticipation of this day, all puzzled purchase gifts for their wives, mothers, grandmothers, colleagues, and simply those who like to do something nice. IKEA has provided gifts to 8 March, which can be selected in the catalog.

Of course, most desired and expected gift International Women's Day - it's flowers. At IKEA stores you can see a huge variety of plant и colors in pots, and in addition to the implementation of the March 8 received fresh tulips, bouquet of 7 tulips It costs 249 rubles. It is also possible, for example, buy Kalanchoe in a pot, it will cost even cheaper - 169 rubles, will be a welcome addition to the gift and will for a long time to please the person to whom you are his prezentuete..

Kalanchoe in a pot

Frequent and useful gift for the holiday - RїRѕSЃSѓRґR °. Due to this category can be selected in March 8 set of vases CYLINDER in the amount of three pieces for the price 799 rub., as well as the original collection of mugs EMNT, 199 rub. a piece. 

Set vases CYLINDER


Decorate the house for the holiday and help create a romantic atmosphere RїRѕRґSЃRІRμS ‡ RЅRёRєRё BLOMSTERwhich are sold with a set of 3 pieces for 999 rub. 

Set candlesticks Blomster

If your ideas then dried, you can use the ideas IKEA proposed on a resource Here you can not only see the products that may not be liked you directoryBut also inspired registration gift. This can be done by pressing a special button "to turn into a gift" to the right. Choose items, turn it into a gift and surprised unexpected transformation.

Have a nice holiday and amazing gifts! On March 8!

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