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A wave of food sanctions touched IKEA

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IKEA StoreAlready appeared official information about termination of cheese and salmon in Russian IKEA stores due to the introduction food sanctions. However, it is not planned that together with salmon and cheese disappear sausages and meatballs. This information was reported by ITAR-TASS Marie Tikhonov, which is the official representative of IKEA in Russia.

As specified Tikhonov, now in IKEA stores in Russia sold ice cream and smoked salmon from NorwayAs well as traditional Swedish semi-hard cheeses and cheeses. As soon as food supplies run out of stock or the end of their shelf life, IKEA will have to stop the sale of these goods.

Salmon IKEA

Substitution will make impossible, as only Swedish cheese production. As specified representative of IKEA in Russia, Norwegian cheese to replace it makes no sense, since it is one of the most significant Scandinavian products. The share of production came under sanctions, is about 1% of the total sales structure. 

IKEA Restaurant

Swedish sausages and meatballs, do not fall under the embargo will not disappear from the shelves IKEA, as well as from the menu restaurants IKEA. They are made in the territory of the Russian Federation from the local and the Brazilian raw material for Swedish technology, so the penalties for these products do not apply.

IKEA stores in Russia presented family shopping centers Megan, who today in the largest cities - 14 complexes. 

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