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IKEA in Germany - from the beginning to the present day

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IKEA in Germany - from the beginning to the present dayIKEA Company has begun its activities in 1943 in Sweden. The first IKEA store advertising the sale of furniture and household goods in the printed edition appeared in the year 1945, undoubtedly, in Sweden. In 1963 the company, starting with Norway, entered the international market. In 1974 the company IKEA entered the market in Germany. And in our time ikeevskie products can be purchased in 46 IKEA stores in Germany. More than in any other country, you will not find such a huge number of IKEA stores!

IKEA company came to the German market in 1974, when their first store in Munich was opened. He was very small, and to speak about it, had to work: issued a catalog in German, an advertising Munich agency came up with a trademark with the image of an elk. Note that for each country IKEA uses different trademarks (for Switzerland - Viking). In the first three days of sales after the opening of the store in Munich, the total number of visitors exceeded 30 thousand buyers, and a year later the box office amounted to 50 million marks. All expectations of the Swedes were justified. Apparently from its first store and its success, the company fell in love with Germany, or maybe it is due to the mentality of the Germans, who, like IKEA, love everything simple and understandable, and also in a good sense lean. Whatever it was, the biggest sales of IKEA in Germany.

More recently, a survey was conducted in Germany showed an interesting point: the Germans Sweden is not associated with the automotive brand, "the Volvo", not with the famous group "of ABBA", and not the children's story "Karlsson on the Roof", namely by IKEA! Surprised?

From the very beginning, deciding to "seize" Germany, IKEA's plans were to win the love and trust of its product to the young German consumer. IKEA brand in the German market has become famous for such mottoes as "Who is young, who has more taste than money", "Everyone is young with us" and "Cheaper is just standing". Competitors were perplexed, experts at that time were bred, and IKEA grew and expanded, used its intelligence and dexterity. The brand started to be spoken about in Germany, because the company's employees did not sit still, every day they moved forward unhindered to the goal, used various marketing moves (discounts, promotions, videos). All this brought the company success and respect. Then it was a challenge to German manufacturers, they were threatened with oblivion and losses. Here, for example, funny events "Day of washing": for all unmarried men, the consultant girls washed socks, "Day of Haircuts", "Day of Fresh Ruddy Bread" right in the store. All these marketing moves household goods and furniture sold moment. All the young people and not only became clients IKEA. And now, for those who have beloved pets, the organizers comfortable pastime at IKEA stores in Germany built parking spaces for dogs. They represent a small mat of artificial grass, a bowl of water, a column for the leash. For parking space attached friendly company of other pets.

On the wave of success of IKEA expanded and built new stores, sometimes 2 year, and now recall their already 46.


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